For Small School Districts, Smaller Can Mean Better

For Small School Districts, Smaller Can Mean Better

We’ve all heard that “bigger is better.” A bigger slice of pizza is better. A bigger paycheck is better. A bigger school district is better. Actually, hold it right there: that one might not be true.

Big districts get all the attention. Their leaders make headlines when they announce their latest initiatives. They have hundreds of thousands of students and tens of thousands of teachers. What they often don’t have is the best results for students.

A few years ago, the Education Trust-West published a revealing District Report Card that ranked and graded school districts around their performance for…

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Arun Ramanathan
Dr. Ramanathan has a stellar track record of growing and leading organizations, as well as extensive practical experience in a variety of public education settings. Prior to joining Pivot Learning Partners, Dr. Ramanathan served as the Executive Director for Education Trust West, a leading education research and policy advocacy organization in California.