Would I Tell My Daughter to Teach?

Would I Tell My Daughter to Teach?

My youngest daughter asked for a teacher’s kit for her birthday. A few days later, her bedroom had been transformed into a mini-classroom. On the wall, she’d posted the classroom rules and attached a tiny blackboard. She was standing in front of a multitude of stuffed animals and describing the day’s activities using the pointer and schedule from her kit.

When I walked in, she immediately put me to work transitioning the “students” to the next activity. I picked one up and asked where to put the “fat bear”. She frowned and said, “Daddy, we not use words like…

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Arun Ramanathan
Dr. Ramanathan has a stellar track record of growing and leading organizations, as well as extensive practical experience in a variety of public education settings. Prior to joining Pivot Learning Partners, Dr. Ramanathan served as the Executive Director for Education Trust West, a leading education research and policy advocacy organization in California.