What We Do

Pivot Learning Partners seeks to revitalize our public school systems so that all students, regardless of need or location, have the opportunity to succeed in college and career.

As one of the largest, most experienced, and farthest-reaching nonprofit support providers to public school systems in the state of California, we deeply understand the challenges that stand in the way of all students succeeding.

We use a cost-effective service model, with a focus on sustainable outcomes and equity, to provide professional development, coaching and technical assistance solutions that are accessible to any education system, regardless of need, size or geography.

Our theory of change is operationalized through three program areas: Leadership Development, Teaching and Learning, and Equitable Education Spending.

Pivot Learning Partners is supporting the next generation of education leaders at each level of the system to manage change and implement strategic work that ensures high-quality educational opportunities for all students.

We work directly with teachers, instructional leadership teams and site leaders to utilize technology, evidence, information and innovative practice to support continuous improvement and accountability.

Working closely with schools and districts, we implement system-wide planning and budgeting that aligns plans and budgets to instructional priorities and engages communities as active participants in local decision-making.