Our friends at CORE have been busy recently. Chief Academic Officer Dale Webster was recently named to California’s State Literacy Needs Assessment Team–congratulations!

Check out their new 3rd edition of the popular Teaching Reading Sourcebook, with content updates and a brand new chapter on MTSS. Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures, 2nd Edition has also been revised with new, clearer test instructions and an easy-to-use format.

You can learn more about their great work in their most recent newsletter, and consider participating in one of their upcoming events:

  • CORE’s Online Elementary Reading Academy is a facilitated online, asynchronous course that starts in January. The course teaches educators the essential components of reading instruction with clear and explicit models immediately applicable to the classroom. There is still time to register!
  • Ensuring Education Equity & Excellence for Students with Disabilities, a webinar featuring Dr. Michelle Hosp and our very own Dr. Arun Ramanathan, presents a special look at special education following the Supreme Coutny ruling on Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1.