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7 Tips for Building Connections When Teaching Remotely

Advice from Dr. Anita Archer

In a recent conversation with Dr. Anita Archer — author and beloved teacher of teachers — she offered suggestions for making students feel welcome and included.

Dr. Archer shared:

“Be intentional in trying to create community, but don’t forget that the major mission is to ensure students are learning; Weave community building into our very explicit teaching.”

Watch this final video in our four-part series with Dr. Archer, to learn effective ways to build connection and community with your students when teaching remotely. Be sure to download the companion tip sheet.

We’d love to hear how these strategies worked for you and if you have other ideas for adapting instruction to distance learning for students with word reading difficulties. Email us or share on Twitter by tagging @PivotLearning.

Get More Advice from Dr. Archer

Watch the other videos in this recorded conversation with Dr. Archer about ways to adapt explicit instruction in distance learning environments for students with word reading difficulties.

We’re Here to Help You Provide Exceptional Instruction and Support for Students with Word Reading Difficulties

Dyslexia is top-of-mind in many districts as more states pass legislation to improve supports for students with dyslexia and other word reading difficulties. We work at both the district and school levels to provide insight and guidance to help ensure all students become strong readers. Specifically, Pivot Learning can work with schools and districts to:

  • Develop policies and practices for screening for risk factors and the identification of dyslexia.
  • Provide professional learning and coaching to help teachers understand the key characteristics of dyslexia and learn evidenced-based instructional practices that prevent reading difficulties from becoming lifelong achievement gaps.
  • Implement processes to determine whether English learners are experiencing academic difficulty due to language or a learning disability, such as dyslexia.

If you’d like to speak to someone about how Pivot Learning can support your district to improve outcomes for students with word reading difficulties like dyslexia, please email Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck at CORE.

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