Founded in 1995, Pivot Learning Partners is a nonprofit organization of K-12 education experts working shoulder-to-shoulder with schools, districts and charters to address the biggest challenges they face.
As one of the largest, most experienced and farthest-reaching nonprofit support providers to public school systems in the state of California, we deeply understand the challenges that stand in the way of all students succeeding. Using a cost-effective service model, we provide professional development, coaching and technical assistance solutions that are accessible to any education system, regardless of need, size or geography.
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Our Story: From Pivot founder Merrill Vargo

Storytelling is a fundamental human activity. Telling a story is one way we communicate what meaning we’ve made of our own lives and of experiences we’ve shared.
This fact makes storytelling an essential tool for leaders: leaders who tell the story of their organizations help people find the meaning in their shared history. Conversely, leaders who forget to take the time to tell their stories virtually guarantee that someone else will tell the story and define its meaning for them.
So here is our story. It is a story that many of those who read this are likely to know, because many people helped to write it. It’s our story.
The organization now known as Pivot Learning Partners was founded in San Francisco, California, in 1995 as the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative. We were founded on the basis of three things: an opportunity; a commitment to collaboration by a group that often didn’t agree; and a shared vision of what schools could and should be.

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