Partnering with School Communities to Prepare All Students for the Future

Too many schools struggle to adequately prepare students, especially disadvantaged students, for life after high school, whether that’s in a trade school, a two-year or four-year college, or in a career. Just consider: In 2018, only 38% of ACT-tested grads met at least 3 of 4 core College Readiness Benchmarks.1 And only 11% of business leaders agree that college grads have skills their businesses need.2

Beyond High School from Pivot Learning helps districts and schools build college and career preparation into the high school experience. Through job-embedded professional learning to help educators build capacity to create a culture of continuous improvement for adults and students, as well as to implement pathways based on the four Linked Learning principles, Beyond High School helps design and integrate equity-focused college and career pathways into the curriculum.

Work with Pivot Learning to connect academics to college and career and raise graduation rates, lower dropout rates and increase college and career readiness for all students, including disadvantaged student groups.

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1. The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2018, ACT. | 2. Higher Education’s Word Preparation Paradox, GALLUP, February 2014.

Beyond High School Process

Empowering High-Impact Change

Pivot Learning is partnering with Oceanside High School (OHS), a large, comprehensive high school 40 miles north of San Diego, California, to ensure that every student is prepared for post-secondary success when they graduate.

The Beyond High School Design Team has established a four-year plan to support career-aligned pathways that result in college and career readiness at OHS. During the 2018-19 school year, Pivot Learning guided OHS leaders and staff through career pathway implementation. In just the first year, the number of students prepared for college and career increased by almost 15 points.

OHS college and career preparation 2018-19 stats

OHS has seen improvements in other important areas, too. The school saw a decrease in the number of students considered chronically absent, and also achieved a reduction in discipline referrals.

Read more about Oceanside High School’s Beyond High School implementation and their plans for the coming school year. Download the Impact Report.



Explore our resources to learn more about the research that informs Beyond High School and how other districts and schools have implemented Beyond High School to transform their learning environments and cultures to become high-performing schools that graduate students prepared for college, career and life.


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