On-Demand Webinar: Growth Culture – A New Approach to School Improvement

Far too many schools struggle with unhealthy and uninspiring cultures for both students and educators. Teachers and administrators often feel overwhelmed and unsupported in their professional growth. If we’re serious about attracting, retaining and developing skillful and passionate educators, we must cultivate the type of culture in our schools where everyone is supported to grow. […]

FREE EVENT Growth Culture: A New Approach to School Improvement

On September 26 Pivot Learning was at Harvard Graduate School of Education to share initial findings from Monterey Peninsula School District’s (MPUSD) work with Growth Culture. We were joined by Building 21 and Way to Grow, organizations that are working to develop Growth Culture in K-12 schools. Andy Fleming and Dr. Lisa Laskow Lahey, two […]

Whitepaper: Growth Culture — A New Approach to School Improvement

At 7:45 on a Wednesday morning in April 2018, superintendent PK Diffenbaugh gathered educators from across Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) to do something almost unprecedented in American education. For the next nine months, the school would partner with Pivot Learning to build a “Deliberately Developmental Organization” that supports a “growth culture” by learning […]

A Standards-Aligned Curriculum with Excellent Implementation is Still Not Enough

Our most vulnerable students also require structured materials designed specifically to fill learning gaps by Linda Diamond, President, CORE and author of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook and Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures Back in September 2018 I wrote about the importance of selecting and fully implementing a great curriculum with excellent support and ongoing professional learning. This is a huge and […]

Promoting Instructional Leadership and Excellence in Special Education

Pivot Learning’s expert team of district and school improvement specialists came together for a webinar on continuous improvement in special education. This targeted webinar focused on building the capacity of special education leaders, teachers, and related service providers to serve as instructional leaders. You will learn how our most specialized educators can work with general educators […]

Tips for Teachers: Finishing the Semester Strong

At schools across the country, students are expecting visits from relatives and friends, wondering what new gadget they might be getting, and trying to impress peers and family at winter music performances – all while keeping a focus on exams, group projects, and assignments. You’re trying to help students end this semester strong during this […]

CSBA Summer Leadership Institute

Mid-July is approaching, and for Pivot that means the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Summer Leadership Institute is here. Members of our team, Dr. Arun Ramanathan, Carla Hulce, and Deborah Sims, will be heading to Sacramento July 15th-16th to team up with Lauren Weisskirk from EdReports.org,  Mt. Diablo Unified School District superintendent, Dr. Nellie Meyer, and San Juan […]

Human Centered Change Design

Neither top-down nor bottom-up strategies work well to lead large-scale change initiatives in public education. It takes a combination. Pivot’s human-centered Change Design model offers districts a structured and intentional approach to engaging diverse stakeholders in designing, iteratively testing and refining, and scaling change. PDF

Pivot’s Whole Systems Approach

Since the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the ELD Standards were created and adopted, academics, think tanks and education reform providers have framed the transition as a series of “shifts.” With good reason, much of the emphasis has been on the instructional shifts. But focusing on instruction ignores a whole set of other shifts […]

Why You Need Trust to Make Big Change: 5 Lessons for Education Leaders

Pivot hosted the first in a series of Change Design webinars, Building Trust with Your Community, to review key lessons for leaders working to engage their communities in big change. In this webinar, you can hear from two school districts that are building strong relationships through the design and implementation of strategic work. We also […]