Our why

We believe every student needs access to grade level instruction centered on equitable instructional practices. Recent research indicates that students have inequitable access to grade level materials and instruction along lines of race and class. Feedback from districts has let us know districts are eager to know more and do better. But, they need help. We know that to change student outcomes, we must provide educators across a district ecosystem with the skills, knowledge, and tools to implement high-quality curricula in service of equitable student outcomes.

Who We Serve

Pivot Learning provides districts with curriculum-aligned, job-embedded adoption and implementation support for teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders. We work with districts that want to adopt or have adopted ELA and/or Math materials for grades K-12.

Partnerships for Impact

Where possible, we do this work in partnership with local or regional experts focused on educational equity and justice, national educational justice-focused organizations, and high-quality, standards-aligned ELA and Math curriculum publishers.

What We Can Do For Your District

We begin by better understanding your local context, help you build a plan for long-term, sustainable implementation of new materials, and build readiness for adoption.

Once districts have procured the instructional materials that best suit their needs, we offer materials-aligned professional learning, and launch the evaluation and communication systems that will support district-wide continuous improvement.

Throughout the first year of implementation, we provide ongoing professional learning in materials implementation and pedagogy — focused on implementation integrity — as well as job-embedded coaching through observation, lesson study, and side-by-side coaching.

We support district teams and educators as they engage in continuous improvement, including ongoing professional learning focused on equitable instructional practices, communications support, and regular evaluation of progress.

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Research We’re Reading

We’ve curated a list of resources to bring you a deeper understanding about what high-quality materials look like, the cost-effective impact they have on academic outcomes, and what auxiliary supports are necessary to capitalize on curricular resources.