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Our services have supported over 250 districts in developing and implementing strategies and systems for high-impact change. With a diverse array of services, including professional development, budgeting and strategic planning processes, and MTSS framework supports, we can ensure that your district has the regenerative practices it needs for effective implementation and continuous improvement. Our expert team of over 100 education leaders can provide your district with the skills and knowledge necessary to build lasting capacity and stronger student outcomes.

Coaching and Professional Development

Center for Equitable Education Spending

MTSS Institute

Equity & Excellence for Students with Disabilities

Our coaching and professional development services support all levels of educators in your district to strengthen instruction and practices for maximum student benefit. Our expert team of coaches are skilled at job-embedded coaching, individual or small audience support, and blended learning tools to support your capacity building, instructional practices, and organizational management initiatives. Our flexible, on-demand services delivered by our experienced coaches can help ensure district-wide quality professional learning.

Timeframe: Annually designed program

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Smarter School Spending helps your district align budgeting processes and strategic priorities to strengthen student outcomes. In as few as eight weeks, we can work with your district to create processes, refine priorities, and cut costs. We’ve worked with districts large and small to identify millions of dollars’ worth of cost savings that can be used to better support instructional goals.

Our collaborative approach integrates national strategic planning and budgeting best practices with the unique needs of your district, to deliver the guidance and tools you need for district-wide success.

Timeframe: Choose from eight week, six to nine month, or twelve to twenty-four month options

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We can help your district develop and refine a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework to drive decision making that is influenced by the needs of the whole child. By leveraging your district’s existing resources and practices, we can help you create a collaborative, culturally-responsive, and data-driven MTSS approach. Our expert team of educators can help your district identify the key academic and social-emotional supports necessary for all of your students to succeed.

Timeframe: Two day or four half-day seminars

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Pivot Learning helps build districts’ and schools’ capacity for meaningful inclusion that leads to improved outcomes for all students.

Our services focus on organizational change from the central office to the classroom, so we can address your special education and general education systems simultaneously to improve structures and implement equitable, exemplary programs of instruction.

Timeframe: Twelve to twenty-four months

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