A district or school with a growth culture is one in which adults are continually learning, developing and improving their practice. The result is that schools become better places for students to learn and grow because adults are learning and growing right alongside them.

Research has shown that cultivating a growth culture helps to:

  • Attract, retain and develop exceptional educators
  • Accelerate growth for adults to create schools that are great places to work and that support student achievement
  • Positively impact the implementation of strategic initiatives to improve staff and student outcomes
  • Build a courageous leadership team

Pivot Learning partners with districts and schools to create a learning environment that fosters adult development, student success and educational equity. Our work, based on leading research by professors Lisa Laskow Lahey and Robert Kegan of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, focuses on helping establish and sustain a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) that supports a growth culture.

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Deliberately developmental organization

A Growth Culture Case Study

Lessons from Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

While there is no single program or step-by-step recipe that can solve the complex educational challenges faced by many schools, the results from Pivot Learning’s pilot project with the Monterey Peninsula School District (MPUSD) demonstrates the possibility of growth culture to be an essential ingredient to truly begin to reinvent schools.

This pilot is the first example nationally of a school system measuring its culture and systematically piloting strategies to improve that culture over time. Read the full whitepaper for a deep-dive into the pilot program, its impact at MPUSD and the implications it could have on professional learning in education. Specifically, the whitepaper reviews:

  • What a growth culture is, why it’s important, and why, until MPUSD, it has been largely ignored in education
  • The four core components of the pilot program and the role Pivot Learning and MPUSD played in each
  • Results of a pre- and post-pilot survey showing evidence of cultural improvement within the district
  • The potential of programs like this one to solve the complex challenges school districts face to improve student outcomes

Click here to download the whitepaper. And, be sure to watch our on-demand webinar featuring Andy Fleming, one of the authors of An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (2016) and Joe Ashby, principal at Monte Vista Elementary School, one of the schools that took part in the MPUSD pilot study.

Taking a closer look at growth culture

On September 26 Pivot Learning was at Harvard Graduate School of Education to share initial findings from Monterey Peninsula School District’s (MPUSD) work with Growth Culture. We were joined by Building 21 and Way to Grow, organizations that are working to develop Growth Culture in K-12 schools. Andy Fleming and Dr. Lisa Laskow Lahey, two of the authors of An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (2016), also presented.

Take a look at the information shared by downloading the presentation deck.

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