1995 – Pivot Learning founded as the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative (BASRC) through a $50 million grant provided jointly by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Annenberg Foundation as part of the Annenberg Challenge to revitalize urban education. BASRC introduces Cycle of Inquiry model, a structured method for closely examining the impact of educator practice using data.

2000 – Five-year study by Stanford University’s Center for Research on the Context of Teaching demonstrates that schools using BASRC’s model improve student test scores at a faster rate than their peers. BASRC receives second round of funding based on these results and is challenged with scaling impact statewide through a fee-for-service model.

2004 – Serves 100,000 students.

2005 – Opens offices in the Central Valley and Southern California and changes its name to Springboard Schools to reflect wider presence in California and expanded focus on district-level change.

2006 – Develops the Leadership Cycle, a mental model for leading change work in school districts, and launches the Executive Leadership Center, regional leadership development workshops for superintendents. Serves 500,000 students.

2007 – Launches Masterful District Leadership regional workshops for district curriculum and instruction leaders.

2008 – Begins providing teacher training in Math and English Language Arts and initiates Strategic School Funding for Results, a grant-funded project focused on equitable and transparent school funding.

2009 – Rebrands as Pivot Learning Partners with the launch of comprehensive R&D efforts to design innovative new services and tools to solve chronic problems in public education.

2011 – Begins providing support for implementation of the Common Core State Standards and serves 1.5 million students.

2012 – In anticipation of the passage of Local Control Funding Formula, launches a major grant-funded initiative to support equitable school district planning and budgeting systems and practices. Serves more than 2 million students.

2014 – Rolls out updated theory of change focused on the singular objective of ensuring all K-12 students graduate college- and career-ready through three program areas: leadership development, teaching and learning, and equitable education spending.

2017 – Acquires the Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE) through a generous gift from CORE’s founder and owner Bill Honig, as well as owners Catherine Honig and Linda Diamond. The acquisition brought together two of the longest tenured and most respected education service providers to districts and schools in California and the nation.