The states where Pivot is currently working

In 2018-19, Pivot Learning partnered with 90 school districts nationwide serving 1.8 million students. Within California alone, Pivot supported district and school leaders who serve 20% of the students in the state.

And that’s just the start. We continue to expand our services to support districts and schools as they strive to serve the changing needs of their communities and diverse populations of students.


District and school personnel engaged in professional development provided by Pivot


Demographics of Pivot Clients

Pivot Learning continues to serve an under-resourced population of students, in which Hispanic and African American students, non-native English speakers, and students receiving free and reduced-price meals were comparable to their prevalence in the state as a whole. We forge new pathways with leaders and teachers to create better school systems, efficient use of resources, and improved instructional practices – all designed to help districts realize their student achievement goals.

CORE’s Results & Impact

CORE has worked with more than 100,000 educators across the country to improve instructional practices so that all students receive the support and the high-quality equitable instruction they need to achieve. We are proud to share the achievements of just a few of the schools CORE has worked with over the past 25 years. Their commitment and hard work has had a positive impact on millions of students.

Washington Elementary School, CO Makes Significant Gains in DIBELS Scores

Washington Elementary DIEBELS Scores

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year Washington Elementary in Lamar, CO (Grades K-2) received an Early Literacy Grant . The same year, the district began working with CORE. At the start of that school year, 32% of students scored “Well Below Benchmark” on DIBELS, 20% “Below Benchmark,” and 48% “Benchmark.” After three years of partnering with CORE to implement best practices, just 8% of students were “Well Below Benchmark,” 8% “Below Benchmark,” 84% were “Benchmark.” This equates to a decrease of 24% “Well Below Benchmark,” 12% decrease of “Below Benchmark,” and an increase of 36% “Benchmark.” Watch a short video to hear from Principal Kenny Davis and Washington Elementary teachers how their work with CORE has improved reading instruction.

Quileute Tribal School, WA Triples Percent of Students Proficient in Math

Quileute Tribal School NWEA Math Results

Teachers and students in the Quileute Tribal School in Washington State have tripled the percent of students proficient in math in the four years since they began working with CORE to implement evidence-based classroom practices. At the start of the 2013-14 school year most students in all grades (K-12) were “Below Basic” in both math and reading. Just 13% of students were “Proficient” or above in math. By the 2016-17 school year 39% of K-12 students scored “Proficient” or above. Read more about Quileute Tribal School’s work with CORE to improve both math and reading instruction.

Santa Ana Unified School District, CA Students Reach DIBELS Benchmarks

Monte Vista DIBELS Scores

65 percent of Santa Ana Unified School District students are ELL, yet K-3 students across the district are increasingly reaching DIBELS reading benchmarks due in large part to the district’s work with CORE to strengthen teachers’ instructional skills. Read the success story.

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