Walk into any classroom and you’ll find students with a wide range of learning and social-emotional needs. It takes strong leadership, a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), collaboration among educators, and inclusive policies and practices to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met. When all of these components are in place, academic achievement improves for every student, even those with disabilities and barriers to learning.

Pivot Learning works collaboratively with school districts to facilitate organizational change and transform educational systems so that they provide high-quality instruction and effective supports for students based on their unique abilities and needs.

Achieve an Equitable Learning Environment for Your Diverse Learners

  • Design and implement MTSS to improve outcomes for all students
  • Strengthen policies and systems to better identify and support students with learning disabilities
  • Improve compliance related to special education
  • Align the delivery of general and special education
  • Build capacity for the implementation of evidence-based curricula and the delivery of high quality instruction for all students

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Design and Implement Systems that Benefit All Students

Organizational & Systems Assessment

This comprehensive analysis of your MTSS and special education systems and practices results in actionable, equitable recommendations for improvement. This becomes the roadmap for our ongoing work together.

MTSS Training Institute

When implemented with fidelity, MTSS guides instructional decisions to improve student outcomes, ensures equitable access to resources, and builds positive school cultures that support students’ social and emotional development. Our three-day MTSS Training Institute brings together site leadership teams and provides them with data-driven strategies to improve math and literacy achievement, especially for students at risk of school failure. Topics include identifying evidence-based instructional materials and assessments for core instruction, developing a tiered system of instruction and support, and making data-driven decisions to provide at-risk students with evidence-based, targeted interventions.

Job-Embedded Professional Learning & Instructional Coaching

Our instructional experts work on-site with your Pre-K-12 general and special education teachers and paraprofessionals to provide professional learning and coaching on the use of literacy and math instructional best practices within your chosen curricula. Coaching is also provided around analyzing data, reviewing IEPs, and setting goals for robust student outcomes.

Special Education Planning, Organization, & Budgeting

Based on the findings of the Organizational & Systems Assessment, we provide coaching and professional development to your special and general education leadership and facilitate the development and implementation of an action plan.

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Visit the Dyslexia Resource Library

Develop a better understanding of dyslexia and word-reading problems and evidence-based practices to help all students become strong readers. Explore the online library now.

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