Assessing and Improving the Impact of K-12 Curriculum Implementation in Stockton USD

Pivot Learning April 06, 2020
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Ensure Educational Equity When It’s Needed Most

School closures caused by COVID-19 are revealing an unfortunate reality: Many districts and schools have not effectively implemented high-quality instructional materials that serve the needs of all students and support teachers no matter where learning is taking place. In this on-demand presentation, originally recorded for the Carnegie Foundation’s 2020 virtual Summit on Improvement in Education, learn about a proven continuous improvement model for curriculum implementation, how it has been applied successfully in Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) in California, and how It could be adapted for the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises.

In one hour, Pivot Learning experts and SUSD educators cover:

  • How leveraging instructional materials is essential to improving achievement for all students
  • What effective curriculum implementation looks like, including providing high-quality, multi-year professional learning to all educators
  • How to build a continuous improvement process for iteratively assessing and addressing the integrity of material implantation, gaps in materials and supplementation, system-wide supports for implementation, and the mindset and pedagogical and content knowledge of educators
  • How SUSD leaders have begun to implement new math and English language arts materials in every grade, have provided every educator with high-quality, multi-year professional learning, and have built a system for the continuous improvement of their work

As you address the challenges of distance learning and think about the future of instruction at your site, please reach out to us with questions about the adoption and implementation of high-quality materials. We’re here to help you ensure every student has access to quality curricula and excellent teachers, whether learning in or out of the classroom.

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