Guidebook for the People

April 19, 2022
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Guidebook for the People

Integrating Multi-Tiered Systems, Activating Restorative Practices

We are deeply honored to share our new Guidebook for the People, the result of more than two years of dialogue, sharing, and learning with educators, healers, and restorative justice practitioners that explores how we might integrate Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) with restorative practices.

The Guidebook for the People offers insights into the challenges and promises of restorative justice circles. Over twenty contributors from large urban school districts to small rural schools discuss their experiences creating humanizing spaces for students to share, grow, examine, and heal. It offers a unique set of personal narratives, stories, and honest and open reflections on each contributor’s journey to implement systems of support and restorative practices. There are many high-quality guidebooks that offer recommendations, many of which are referenced in our resource section, so this guidebook offers you our voices, our hearts, and our minds—often raw and unfiltered, honest and transparent. The best practices we offer are to listen, feel, and share.

Listen & Read

In addition to downloading the guidebook, you can listen to a few of the contributing voices.

Guidebook for the People

“I feel supported and connected in school when the adults in my life help me go to my horizon and
help me plan a clear way towards my passion.”

~ Juana Mendoza Cruz


This work was made possible as part of a two-year grant provided by the California Endowment and done in close collaboration with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth.

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