Using the Science of Reading to Improve Literacy Instruction for English Learners

December 02, 2020
Science of Reading and ELs

Learning to read and developing as a reader is more complicated in a language you are simultaneously learning to speak and understand than in a language you already know well orally. This is one of the most significant challenges faced by millions of English learners (ELs) who are not in bilingual programs, as well as by their teachers.

During this recorded webinar Dr. Claude Goldenberg shares:

  • What is known about promoting development in two distinct but related and complex domains: oral language and reading
  • How the science of reading can be applied to teaching ELs to read and write in English
  • The importance of English language support and English Language Development instruction to optimize ELs’ literacy development

Watch this webinar to build your knowledge of how to help English learners become strong readers in their new language and have equitable opportunities for success.

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