Targeting Reading Interventions to Increase Success: Getting Beyond Levels

September 21, 2023

Many schools have implemented small group interventions to help students master the five core elements of reading as part of their Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Yet, often teachers find that students aren’t making the expected gains. Why?

During this on-webinar, Dr. Matthew Burns unpacks how reading assessments that are based on identified reading levels can result in inaccurate decisions about what interventions are needed, especially for students who are still striving to become proficient readers. Dr. Burns also:

  • Presents a framework to better identify student needs using assessments that are either free or already in use
  • Shares reading interventions that address each need
  • Discusses how to create more precise groupings for intervention

Be sure to tune in to this on-demand webinar for guidance that will improve the effectiveness of small group interventions this school year and help close gaps in foundational reading skills more quickly.


Dr. Matthew K. Burns
Fein Professor of Special Education at the University of Florida & Assistant Director of the University of Florida Literacy Institute


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