Learn About the Science of Reading in CORE’s New Resource Library

April 3, 2020

Reading is a complex process, but it can be explained through a simple equation built around five foundations of reading. It’s critical that educators understand the science behind how students learn to read and what skills they need to succeed in order to teach students to be skilled readers. At Pivot Learning, we care deeply about kids and how they learn to read. We also care deeply about teachers and how they learn to teach reading.

To help educators better understand the science of reading and instructional practices based on it, our subsidiary, CORE, has created a Science of Reading Resource Library. This online library includes webinars featuring literacy experts like Dr. David Kilpatrick, Dr. Michelle Hosp, and Kareem Weaver. You’ll also find other videos, links to articles, an infographic, and much more to support you and your team’s learning about the science of reading.

All of the materials in the Science of Reading Resource Library are available for free online. We encourage you to share them with colleagues and others in your professional learning community.

Visit the library now.