The Challenge & the Opportunity

All students deserve the opportunity to succeed in college and career and we are committed to ensuring that instructional leadership, systems and practices are in place so all students thrive. As districts move deeper into implementation of new or revised standards such as the Common Core, teachers and administrators must make fundamental shifts to support sustainable change in teaching and learning.


Pivot Learning Partners works directly with teachers, instructional leadership teams and site leaders to utilize technology, evidence, information and innovative practice to support continuous improvement and accountability. Our focus is on the implementation of the quality classroom teaching and targeted supports necessary to meet the diverse needs of all students, especially English language learners, students with disabilities and struggling and disengaged learners.


Our Teaching and Learning services support your context and meet your specific needs to implement standards-based instructional systems and practices. We offer three service packages that are designed to complement one another:

Leading School-Site Instructional Change Our work begins by carefully examining achievement, demographic, program and perception data and developing actionable goals to improve student performance –– we call this a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA). We provide job-embedded professional development to leadership teams, principals, assistant principals and teachers to assess, diagnose, resolve and implement solutions to issues identified by the CNA. Services include:

• Facilitation of CNA and planning meetings
• CNA report development
• Coaching
• Project management

Building on the CNA, we work with school-level instructional leadership team (ILT) members to develop their capacity to be effective leaders of rapid improvement at their sites. Services include:

• Facilitation of a Leadership Academy consisting of quarterly, full-day professional development sessions supplemented by topical workshops
• Facilitation of monthly ILT meetings
• Individual monthly coaching sessions with each ILT member

• Project management

Driving Core Instructional Change with Professional Learning Communities Using professional learning communities (PLCs) as a foundation, we facilitate and build the capacity of school leaders and staff to facilitate their own PLCs while also providing targeted professional development on content (e.g., mathematics, literacy) and instructional strategies. With our support, teachers meet regularly to effectively review student data, examine student work, engage in lesson study and develop and use common formative and summative assessments. Services include:
• PLC facilitation and capacity building support for school leaders and staff to facilitate their own PLCs

• Individual monthly coaching sessions with teacher teams and principals

Supporting Instructional Change in the Classroom We offer technical assistance and a variety of professional development opportunities designed to boost teaching skills and content knowledge, some of which are specifically designed for students with deficiencies. All engagements begin with technical assistance focused on successful CCSS implementation, including creating alignment across curriculum, assessment and instruction, establishing and implementing formative assessments and developing comprehensive interventions and instructional strategies.

Sample professional development topics include:

Literacy Collaborative for Elementary Teachers
Using Reading Assessments to Drive Instruction
Learning About Literacy Research and the Practical Implementation of Core and Advanced Reading Elements
Accelerating Struggling Readers
Elements of Reading
Support Reading Coaches to Support Teachers

Literacy Collaborative for Middle and High School Teachers
Strategic Reading
Differentiation and Diversity
Adolescent Engagement and Motivation
Vocabulary Instruction for Adolescents
Using Multiple Texts with Adolescents
Content-Area Literacy Instruction
Literacy in Science

Mathematics Collaborative for Elementary Teachers
Numeracy Instruction
Number Sense Instruction
Fluency Instruction (including reading and writing instruction in mathematics)
Computational Procedures and Basic Facts Instruction
Basic Algorithms Instruction of Whole Number Arithmetic
Technology Integration

Mathematics Collaborative for Middle and High School Teachers
Application of Algorithms Instruction
Cardinality Instruction
Conceptual Understanding Instruction
Reasoning Abstractly
Logical and Quantitative Instruction
Problem Solving Instruction
Technology Integration