Support Every Learner

With Inclusive Systems,
We Can Meet All
Learners’ Needs

Historically, many of our systems have been structured to label students, rather than identify and remedy gaps in instruction, support, and access to opportunities. Too many systems offer inadequate responses to learning and behavioral difficulties in ways that disproportionately affect students of color. We’re here to help.

Build Respectful and Caring School Environments

Visionary educators know that student social and emotional well-being are an essential part of student success. We can help you design your classroom instruction and social-emotional supports around positive relationships and inclusive, restorative practices.

We can support you to:

  • Collect and analyze data to understand areas for improving school climate
  • Develop clear expectations for adult and student behavior
  • Identify structures and strategies to foster positive relationships
  • Design systems to teach, reteach, and reinforce prosocial behavior

Essential Partnerships

Meaningful, effective work is never done alone. We work in close collaboration with schools and districts to support their students, and with expert organizations — both local and national — to support our work.

Expand and Align Services so That
All Students Thrive

Combining excellent instruction with rigorous data analysis, we help schools and districts make sure students are getting the right kinds of academic and social-emotional support as soon as they need it.

Together, we can improve systems that meet students’ needs, including:

  • Great “first instruction” in ELA and math
  • Professional learning on reading instruction for students with word reading difficulty and dyslexia*
  • Choosing and using effective intervention methods and materials
  • Use of valid and reliable screeners for behavior, social-emotional or other specific needs
  • Data-driven decision-making – for example, using screening data to provide reliable and timely supports to the students that need them
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)**

* Dyslexia is a specific learning disability associated with word reading difficulties, poor spelling, and trouble with reading fluently.

** A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework that enables schools to readily identify and address the academic and non-academic needs of all students, including targeted interventions for students as soon as they need them.

Move Your System from Compliance to Performance

Special education is connected to complex policies and demands for compliance and accountability. We can support you in building better systems to address student needs and meet federal, state, and local legal requirements.

We can help you to:

  • Analyze your current processes for identification and placement into special education
  • Support the development of a strategic plan and guidance for schools and classrooms
  • Address disproportionality among students of color and their White peers in Least Restrictive Environments (LRE) and discipline
  • Improve the quality of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

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