Four Roles of a Change Designer

For almost two decades, Pivot Learning Partners has built the capacity of education leaders and the organizations they work in to design, lead and implement change initiatives. Based on both our experience and research, we believe the role of the Change Designer has four dimensions. Download our working paper to learn more. PDF

Pivot Learning Partners Design Cycle: A Tool for Change

For educators to succeed in the new world of 21st Century Learning and its Common Core Standards, we believe the most promising approach is to adapt some of the design processes that are common in the private sector. This working paper explores the idea of “design thinking” and its use as a way for educators […]

Change Design for 21st Century Leaders

“The creation of a public education system aspires to educate all of this nation’s children is a great achievement.Yet today this bedrock American institution is at risk. The system continually falls short of its aspiration, and the achievement gap, the dropout rate, chronic absenteeism, low morale among teachers, the sense of disconnection between schools and […]

Community Engagement Listening Plan

In order for districts to support the creation of a system of high quality schools, both school and district leaders must move from thinking of community engagement as an episodic event that is a requirement of particular programs to treating engagement as an ongoing, core function of the school district. PDF