THE BIG SQUEEZE: How Pension Costs Threaten Educational Equity

A new report from Pivot Learning finds that California’s unfunded pension costs threaten educational equity. California’s chronic underfunding of teacher pensions is pushing school districts into financial distress, forcing them to make painful cuts that will increasingly harm both the state’s teachers and its most vulnerable students, according to a report released today by Pivot […]

Promoting Instructional Leadership and Excellence in Special Education

Pivot Learning’s expert team of district and school improvement specialists came together for a webinar on continuous improvement in special education. This targeted webinar focused on building the capacity of special education leaders, teachers, and related service providers to serve as instructional leaders. You will learn how our most specialized educators can work with general educators […]

Four Steps to Merge Special and General Education

As a great man once said, it’s déjà vu all over again. The State Board of Education has announced an effort to merge special and general education. On one level, this is great news. For much of the past decade, students with disabilities have disappeared from policy discussions around the big shifts in standards, instruction […]

Ed Finance Watch: Measuring the Way We Progress

The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence held their regular meeting on April 7. At the meeting, board members heard from Executive Director Carl Cohen and the rest of the new CCEE on the progress they’ve made. Most notably, the group officially began its technical assistance work in an engagement with Palo Verde School District in […]