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Content Development Consultant, Curriculum Adoption and Implementation

At Pivot we look for talented and inspiring colleagues who believe in public education and the imperative to support schools to innovate and improve. We are currently seeking a Content Development Consultant  to work with the Pivot team. This position will be responsible for developing content for our Curriculum Program that supports the adoption and implementation of high-quality instructional materials in service of equitable student outcomes.

Specifically, our Content Development Consultant will be responsible for working with a content manager to set goals for content that aligns to our overall vision, the research base, and client needs; develop a plan and check in on progress towards developing content; and iterate on and finalize content, based on feedback and other data. The content to be developed will fit within and be supportive of Pivot and CORE’s system-wide curriculum adoption and implementation service model that includes:

  1. Working with district leaders on high quality materials adoption and on building and implementing a system for supporting high quality materials implementation ongoing.
  2. Training educators on both pedagogy and content aligned to the district’s chosen high quality instructional materials; and
  3. Providing in-school support through cycles of assessing materials implementation and instruction and planning and study, including observations, debriefing, and coaching, for educators to adjust implementation and instruction and move forward.

This is a part-time position, likely ranging from 8-20 hours a week, depending on consultant availability and need. This position reports to a content manager. Pivot is headquartered in Oakland, CA, however this is a remote position, based out of your own home office. Candidates for this position can be based anywhere in the US. Domestic travel may be requested of this role, specifically to interview end users and observe and document draft content as it is being tested in districts and schools, in order to inform future iterations of that content. Please note that Pivot requires vaccination against COVID-19 for all employees and consultants doing in-person work or travel.

Key Responsibilities

  • Meet regularly with the content manager to set goals, develop plans and check in on progress.
  • Develop high quality content that is aligned to our vision, research, and established need; that fits within Pivot/CORE’s model for high quality materials adoption and implementation; and that leverages best practices in adult learning.
  • Collaborate with content manager to determine content to be developed (for virtual, in-person, or hybrid delivery), and how to modularize or organize content.
  • Collect and integrate feedback and data and make revisions to content based on data collected.
  • Collaborate with the content manager to develop processes for testing content through delivery with clients. Possibly support the content manager by attending district engagements to interview end users of content and observe and document content as it is being tested.
  • Collaborate with the content manager to align content to existing internal content, content from implementation partners, and High Quality Instructional Materials adopted by our clients.
  • Support the content manager to train delivery staff on content developed, including working with the content manager to develop facilitator guides, etc.
  • Collaborate with the content manager and team to determine what of the developed content can be customized.
  • Participate in all required Pivot/CORE training, team meetings and other check ins. Participate in required training through our partners, including publisher partners, as applicable.
  • Act as an ambassador for Pivot/CORE.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A passion for Pivot’s vision and mission and core values, a commitment to public education as a key lever for opportunity, and a desire to deepen the organization’s impact. A deep understanding of institutional and structural racism and bias, and how inequities impact equitable outcomes for students most underserved by our education system.
  • Have at least 3-5 years of teaching experience, and at least 1-2 years of experience designing learning for adults and general content development or a similar role supporting instructional materials development and K-12 educator pedagogy.
  • Expertise with and commitment to content that is based in best practices in adult learning, theories and principles.
  • Knowledge of and capacity to integrate equity into all products and services.
  • Strong familiarity with and understanding of the National State Standards or similarly aligned state standards. Familiarity with research regarding curriculum quality and implementation and Common Core State Standards. Familiarity with education policy nationally is a plus.
  • Knowledge of High Quality Instructional Materials and associated rubrics, i.e. EdReports.
  • Capacity to cultivate and foster strong relationships with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, who understand and can successfully tackle the technical and adaptive challenges that come with designing products and services.
  • Expertise in collecting data around draft content, analyzing data, and/or interpreting and understanding data in order to iterate and improve content.
  • Experience with user-centered design and/or continuous improvement processes.
  • Possess strong, professional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate strong time management/organization skills and the ability to meet critical deadlines.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with technology tools and virtual professional learning platforms (e.g., Zoom, Jamboard, Nearpod, Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, etc.)

Compensation and Benefits

Pivot Learning offers a competitive hourly rate for content developers.


In your cover letter, please comment on how your skills and experience align with this position, and how you heard about this position.

Diverse candidates are strongly encouraged to apply; we welcome applications from persons of every race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, culture, ancestry, religion, national orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, and for whom English is not their first language.

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