Pivot Learning’s Center for Equitable Education Spending helps districts align their budgeting processes and strategic priorities to better support student outcomes. Using our User-Centered Design model, we build leaders’ capacity to drive systems for continuous improvement, identify resources, evaluate prioritization frameworks, and analyze initiative impact for greater student success.

We integrate national strategic best practice frameworks adapted from the Government Finance Officers Association with the unique needs of your district. Pivot’s unique toolkit informs program impact, prioritization, and resource analysis, to help districts identify key strategies for achieving their goals.

We help districts analyze the capacity of their system to implement high-impact academic programs aligned with strategic resources for maximized student achievement. With the five-step toolkit to Plan, Prioritize, Budget, Implement, and Sustain, Pivot’s Center for Equitable Education Spending partners with your district to ensure meaningful success.

smarter school spending: how it works | 1. Plan, 2. Prioritize, 3. Budget, 4. Implement, 5. Sustain

Research Base

User-Centered Design can be a powerful driver for improvements in districts. We have participated in studies that show the promising practices in action:

teacher and students

Promising Practices in School District Budgeting Under LCFF: PACE Continuous Improvement Brief (2017): This PACE brief describes several efforts in California to improve budgeting and strategic planning. It describes the impact of Pivot Learning’s strategic budgeting methodology (Smarter School Spending through user-centered design) in five high-need districts and one charter management organization (CMO).

Fostering Innovation: How User-Centered Design Can Help Us Get Local Control Funding Formula Right (2017): This paper describes the results of the partnership between Pivot Learning and the California Collaborative on District Reform to convene a multi-sector team to redesign the way districts and charters prove that they are improving services for high need students.

The Government Finance Officers Association has a wealth of research on aligned practices.

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