To Keep Students Safe and Learning, California Needs Strong State Leadership

June 23, 2020

Written by Heather J. Hough, Policy Analysis for California Education; Jennifer O’Day, American Institutes for Research; Arun Ramanathan, CEO, Pivot Learning; and Carrie Gloudemans Hahnel, Independent Education Consultant

Published by our partners at Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)

In preparing for the next school year, California state policymakers must set clear statewide expectations for teaching, learning, and student support, regardless of whether instruction is online or in person. This spring, local school districts scrambled to adapt to COVID-19 with a wide range of responses largely focused on securing delivery of online resources. Now is the time to shift the conversation back to the core purpose of school: learning. The state should establish a minimum amount of instructional time; create an instrument of diagnostic assessment and require its use; adopt instructional continuity plans; and advocate for and secure additional funding.

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