On-Demand Professional Learning

Ensure Equity and Excellence for Students with Disabilities

Thank you for watching! We hope you learn actionable skills you can apply to create a more inclusive learning environment for all students, including students with disabilities, and help special education students meet more rigorous learning goals next year.

Do you need support to create equity and excellence for students with disabilities?

CORE and Pivot Learning partner with districts and schools to support equitable and exemplary instruction for all students, including those with disabilities. We’ll help you strengthen the systems, policies, procedures, and practices you have in place to support equity and excellence in special education, and build teachers’ capacity to create inclusive learning environments that nurture improved outcomes for all students.

We can help you:

  • More appropriately identify students for special education
  • Solve the over-representation of minority students in special education
  • Improve academic performance of students with disabilities
  • Train teachers in high-quality, evidence-based curriculum and instruction for students with disabilities
  • Coordinate general and special education service delivery