On-Demand Webinar

HQIM + Implementation = Impact
A Formula for Successful Math Adoptions

We hope the discussion, strategies, and resources shared in this webinar are useful as you work to effectively implement high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) and positively impact educators and students.

6 Conditions for Success: HQIM Implementation

Continue your learning with a tipsheet developed by Pivot Learning that outlines the 6 conditions for successful HQIM implementation:

  1. Resource, sponsor, and manage HQIM implementation at the leadership level
  2. Resource and execute an intentional launch
  3. Prioritize a strong professional learning strategy and plan
  4. Communicate effectively and engage across key stakeholders
  5. Measure immediate and long-term impact
  6. Plan for sustainability

You’ll also find look-fors and best practices to support your work to implement high-quality ELA and math instructional materials that produce equitable student outcomes.

We’re Here to Support Your Next Curriculum Implementation

Pivot Learning and Curriculum Associates provide comprehensive support for high-quality ELA and math instructional materials implementation. We offer:

    • Equity-driven district coaching and project management
    • School-level coaching and training to deepen curriculum and pedagogy knowledge
    • Management support for the effective use of Curriculum Associates’ materials

Get in touch to talk about partnering with us to ensure the success of your curriculum implementation.

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